Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Official Logo

In August 2010, the name Sagamok Development Corporation was officially changed from the former Saulteaux Enterprises.  Upon Board of Director approval of the initial design, the Sagamok Development Corporation’s Executive Committee officially adopted the new logo.   It was voted that this was an innovative way of identifying the organization. The purpose of this policy is to protect Sagamok Development Corporation’s official logo from misuse or from misrepresenting the organization. Each time Sagamok Development Corporation’s logo appears, it must appear in its original form and must not be embellished.

The development and publishing of a secondary logo to distinguish a program or project within Sagamok Development Corporation shall be permitted but in all instances where the secondary logo is displayed, Sagamok Development Corporation’s official logo shall also be displayed in a more prominent position and size.

Program Coordinators shall ensure that the employees in their Program are made aware of and adhere to this policy and procedures. Employees who use the logo must conform to the procedures outlined below.