What we do


The Mission Statement for the Sagamok Anishnawbek Charity Association is:

The purpose of the charitable gaming policy is to ensure adherence to all legislative regulations and requirements with respect to gaming and lotteries.

The Regulatory Objective for the Charitable Bingo Division is:

Charitable Bingo is an important fund-raising activity for Sagamok Anishnawbek Charity Association. The Charitable Bingo Operations of the Sagamok Anishnawbek Order-In-Council is in control and close supervision of bingo activities conducted on-reserve so that bingos are fairly conducted and the proceeds from bingos are used for the relief of poverty.

Our goal is to achieve voluntary compliance and assist licensees through training and customer service. We will strive for the highest levels of customer service, conducting our regulatory bingo fairly, competently and consistently.

Organization of the Sagamok Charity Association

The Sagamok Anishnawbek has an agreement with the Order-In-Council (Chief & Council) appointed by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario.

History of Sagamok Bingo Operations

Lottery Operations can be dated back to the 1970’s, in the 1990’s operated by a hired band member to conduct operations for the purpose of creating revenue for the Spanish River Indian Reserve. Bingo operations ran from the Community Center. At one point in time, Sagamok was well known for ‘Big Bingos a.k.a. Monster Bingos’ with cash prizes from $50 to $10,000.



Overall compliance issues and concerns will apply to all bingo games conducted through the lottery bingo operation under the license, and adopted as to provincial regulations and policies. We will ensure we are conducting the bingos according to standards and regulations as set out by the Ontario Alcohol Gaming Commission and Sagamok Anishnawbeks’ Order in Council.

Licenses to Conduct Bingo:

There are two types of bingo licenses issued – an annual license and a temporary license. An annual license is issued to an organization conducting bingo on a regular basis at a regularly scheduled time and place. A temporary license allows the conduct of bingo for a single occasion.

Annual License:

• Allows the conduct of bingo
• Valid only for the specific location indicated on the license
• Valid for only the specific days and times indicated on the license
• Must be displayed in the hall during the occasion

Temporary License:

• Allows the conduct of bingo for a single occasion
• May be a different time and/or place for annual license holders, but
times may not conflict with any other licensed times at that location
• Must be displayed in the hall during the occasion

Annual licenses are issued by the licensing authority for a period of one-year. An incomplete or incorrect license application may cause a delay in processing or denial of the application.


In the event of any change to information contained on the license, an organization must notify the Licensing Authorizer submitting the appropriate amendment form. The amended license will remain effective for the period remaining under the original license.

Amendment forms must include appropriate fees, and are not effective until notification has been received from the Licensing Authorizer.

When to File Amendments:

• To change playing days or times
• To change playing locations
• To change primary operator

Suspension, Revocation, or Denial of License

The Lottery Authorizer may suspend or revoke a license or deny the issuance of a

license application for failure to comply with the Gaming Act or the Charitable Bingo Policy & Procedures.

Responsibilities of license holders:

• License renewal, Temporary License, and Amendment applications submitted completely, correctly, and timely
• License displayed in hall during the occasion
• Understanding/compliance of the Gaming Act and Bingo Policy & Procedures Manual

Sagamok Development Corporation’s Responsibilities

Sagamok Development Corporation is ultimately responsible for maintaining control over its bingo operations as well as the payment of any and all cash prizes and fees due to the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario. However, the Lottery Coordinator is the person responsible during a bingo session and is responsible for all activity conducted during a bingo occasion.

The officers, board, or other governing body of the organization should maintain proper oversight of the operator(s) to ensure that the organization receives the proper funds generated by its bingo operation and the bingo operation is being conducted in accordance with the Order-In-Council and Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario and Sagamok Bingo Policy & Procedures Manual.


Bingo Workers/Volunteers – General Information

All volunteered positions within the bingo operations are as follows: security workers, bingo callers, bingo runners, bingo card sellers, break open ticket sellers, canteen workers, and maintenance personnel.

The organization should not hire more workers than are reasonable and necessary to work on any occasion, and should not pay more than reasonable honorarium for that position. Keep in mind that the purpose of conducting bingos is to raise money for charitable purposes, and honorariums may have a large impact on the organization’s ability to distribute funds for charitable purposes. If a honorarium is determined to exceed the industry average, the organization must provide authorization for this increase.

Qualifications/Restrictions for the Bingo Card Sellers (Gaming Services Employee)

• Must be on the Registry of Approved Bingo Workers
• Must be at least 18 years old
• Must wear their worker badge during the occasion

Head Gaming Services Employee

• Sells bingo cards and records daily sales
• Completes the Daily Cash Report
• Reviews and attaches to the Daily Cash Report, the Daily Floor Sales by Card Sellers,  and any other reports or sales records completed by an assistant or card seller
• Responsible for ensuring all sales are recorded and inputted into daily log
• Counts out the cash for winners
• Initials the deposit at the end of the each bingo session

Bingo Caller

The bingo caller is the person pulling the bingo balls from the bin, calling the numbers, verifying the winners, and closing the game. The caller usually is also the person who announces the name of the organization playing that occasion, and may announce the house rules.

Bingo Card Seller

The card seller sells paper and instant bingo cards on the floor of the bingo hall.

They also pick up winning cards for verification with the caller, and they will deliver the bingo prize money to the winners.


The security personnel are responsible for ensuring the safety of the bingo patrons, workers, and property.


The maintenance staff is responsible for cleaning the bingo hall.

Bookkeeper/Accountant/Financial Controller

The bookkeeper is ultimately the Financial Administrator of Saulteaux Enterprises whom will have the responsibility to prepare financial records for bingo reporting purposes.

A bookkeeper that is not involved in the daily operations of the hall may also help maintain proper oversight to ensure that the organization receives the proper funds generated by its bingo operation and the bingo operation is being conducted in accordance with the Ontario Gaming Act and Policy & Procedures.


All gaming employees shall wear appropriate clothing and gaming uniform consisting of am identified top *provided by Sagamok Development Corporation along with black dress pants to all bingo gaming functions.

Registered Worker Identification Card

What is the Registry of Approved Bingo Workers?

The Registry is a list of individuals for whom the Commission has conducted criminal history background checks and who are approved to be involved in the conduct of bingo or to act as a bingo operator.

Registry of Approved Workers
• Any individual who will act as an operator, manager, cashier, card seller, caller, or break open ticket seller for a licensed organization must be listed on the Registry
• Once listed, an individual will remain on the Registry for one year. The individual must timely submit a renewal form to remain on the Registry without interruption
• The individual listed may work at any location at which bingo is lawfully conducted

An individual may remove himself from the Registry at any time by submitting a request in writing to the Commission.

Identification Card for Approved Bingo Workers
• The Commission will send each approved individual a letter of notification
• All workers must wear a Commission issued identification card while on duty.
• Identification cards are not transferable.
• Any individual who is working or assisting at any bingo occasion in any capacity must present photo identification

Requirements for Canteen Worker/Volunteer
• must be over the age of 18 years
• must have a Food Handlers certificate
• must participate in a customer service training and or related training
• must conclude in stock control for inventory purposes

Canteen Worker/Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities
• Sell canteen items and record daily sales
• Complete a Daily Cash Report
• Review and attach to the Daily Cash Report, and any other reports or sales records completed by an assistant or cart seller
• Responsible for ensuring all sales are recorded and inputted into daily log
• Initial the deposit at the end of the each bingo session to the Gaming Manager
• Rolling Cart Services will be provided to customers who may find the cart more convenient during the bingo sessions.